Dependable, Reliable, Dedicated, Global, Enduring, Flexible and Trusted.

From the very minute of its formation, Perkins Engines set out to lead the world in the high-speed diesel technology that now underpins almost every aspect of our daily lives. It has meant a journey through more than seven decades of success and continues today, where commitment to leadership embraces not only innovative products and services, but also the best in customer value.

Perkins’ values, competencies, engines and most importantly, people, are the cornerstones of our brand. It is also a distinguishing characteristic of our business that we build close relationships with our customers. Through this we get a clear understanding of customer needs and the means that we must take to achieving their goals.

Just as people, businesses have personalities too, with ways of thinking and doing that make them different and, we believe in the case of Perkins, better. So, if you would allow us a little time, we would like to give you a glimpse of not just the engine and product support solutions we offer, but also of those attributes that really makes Perkins a winner in our field of business.

Proud Beginnings

In 1932, Frank Perkins, innovator, entrepreneurial businessman and engineer, saw the promise of a future in high-speed diesel engines. With just seven people, he formed a fledgling company based in Peterborough, England, to make his vision a reality.

Frank had built his first diesel engine within a few months and the company began to grow. Now over 17 million engines later, Peterborough is still home and headquarters, with further manufacturing added at Stafford in the UK, Curitiba in Brazil and Georgia in the USA. Each year, from these facilities and licensees around the world over 300,000 engines enter service, their owners
finding peace of mind through the knowledge of our vast global product support network of distributors and dealers.

Staying ahead in a rapidly changing world is vital; in this, Frank Perkins’ vision and values continue to live on within our people. And now, as part of Caterpillar Inc, we are able to access cutting edge technology, andcall upon the managerial and financial resource of one of the largest, most successful and respected brands in the world.

Dependable: we have a tradition of well-engineered product supplied by professional people that always deliver the promises made, plus a little more.